Ecological Pest Management Solutions
Pheromone Based I.P.M,
for the better.
Pursuing sustainable, economical and ecological pest management solutions.
Our mission is to provide the best tools and solutions for integrated pest management.
The pheromone attract & kill and mating disruption formulations we produce are perfect for monitoring, mass trapping or disrupting damaging insects naturally and effectively.
Environmental Friendly
Unlike conventional pesticides, pheromone based products affect little to the environment.
Specis Specific
Pheromone based products are only effective to the targeted damaging insects.
Safe & Non-toxic
Pheromone based products are nontoxic and safe for human and non-target animals.
No Contact
Pheromone based products have zero contact to the plants, eliminate residue risks.
Monitoring or mass trapping targeted insects by lures and traps.
Mating Disruption
Biological control by disrupting the mating process of targeted insects.
Insect Pheromone
High isomer purity synthetic pheromone for commercial use.
economical and effective.
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Ecological Pest Management Solutions
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