Working towards sustainable agriculture and a greener planet.
We are a leading company engaged in biological pest control products and services, including semiochemicals and plant
health management, since 2003. Our mission is to create better and environmental friendly tools for pest management, by developing innovative and ecological semiochemical-based products.
how does it work?
Natural mating behavior among moth, male
moth attracted by female pheromone plume, to
locate each other and perform a regular mating process.
With synthetic pheromone in action, male
moth attracted by a pheromone carrier called
pheromone lure, which mimics the natural female
pheromone. Pheromone lures are installed in
traps to restrain the attracted male moths.
Commitment in quality of a high standard with our knowledge...

Our team consists of various highly specialized researchers including chemists, entomologists, biologists, and chemical ecologists, who are experienced in pheromone synthesis, formulation, application technology development and integrated pest management.
...and in productivity!

We fulfill our customers with our massive productivity, exquisite
synthesizing techniques, and high standards. Pherobio's pheromone
synthesis facility is considered to be one of the world's largest.
Pherobio Technology
was established in 2003, the first company engaged in insect pheromone research
and development, production and marketing in the P.R.C. We provide quality and
reliable insect pheromone products to the development of sustainable agriculture
world-wide. We have developed and produced more than 120 types of insect
pheromone products for the use of monitoring, prevention and control of pest in
the fields of agriculture, forestry and food storage.

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Species Specific
Natural identical pheromone or semiochemicals only affect the targeted species.
Environmental Friendly
Residue Free
No direct contact with crops.
Resistance Free
Natural identical pheromone or semiochemicals won't develop resistance.
Totally safe to non-target organisms.
Safe and Nontoxic
No risk to the environment and ecosystem.
Our Branches
Pherobio Beijing
Main office
Synthesis and R&D
Beneficial insects
South China factory