Athetis lepigone
Item Code: N026
Type: Pheromone Lure
Target Insect: Athetis lepigone
Packaging: 20 Units
Field Life: 40 Days
Shelf Life: 18 Month
Trap: Delta & Wing Trap
Common Name: Proxenus lepigone
Original: 0.00

Insect Information:

Class:                   Insecta

Order:                  Lepidoptera

Family:                 Noctuidae

Genus:                 Athetis

Specis:                 A. lepigone

Binomial name:    Athetis lepigone

Synonyms:         Proxenus lepigone

Quick Facts:

Insect pheromone: Insect pheromone is the chemical that through which insects communicate with. Insect pheromones are very specis specific, which means that, they are only recognized by the same kind of insect. For instance: the sex pheromone of Cydia pomonella released by females cannot be recognized by any other kind of insect. There are many known types of insect pheromones, including but not limited to: aggregation pheromone, alarm pheromone, territorial pheromone, trail pheromone and sex pheromone. Each type of them, is recognized as a message to the receiver. To be general, insect pheromone is the language among insects.

Human usage: Researchers have successfully synthesized insect pheromone, which means synthetic pheromone can     be used as a tool to control insect behaviors. The most common usages are attracting, repelling and disrupting.

Product Information:

Pheromone lures mimic the naturalRubber septa pheormone lures emitted sex pheromone, to attract male adult insects. With recommended pheromone trap, the targeted insects are attracted and then restrained. This is to determine the presence of the target insects, or monitor their population. Monitoring is an important part of integrated pest management, it allows the growers to discover the insect damaging risks early, and then apply controling method accordingly. Applying large quantities of lures and traps is identified as mass trapping. Mass trapping is to restrain large quantities of male adult insects, and then to decrease mating chances and population of the later generation.


Advantages: With years of dedicated research and development of applications and synthesis, our products are designed and produced with quality. We produce pheromone products with high standards of materials and chemicals, to ensure our users' satisfaction.

Applying pheromone lures: Lures are applied into the traps, and then install traps into fields or greenhouses.

Recommended apply rate: Monitoring - 15 units/hectare; Mass trapping - 45 units/hectare

Major benifits:

Environmental friendly - Pheromone products affect little to the environment.

Safe - No toxic and safe to human and other organisms.

Natural - Natural identical synthetic pheromone, no resistance.

Specis specific - Safe for beneficial insects.

Recommended traps:



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Universal simple trap for most Lepidopteran

Wing Trap

Durable trap for small to medium size moths