Feromate™ is a series of mating disruption products including dispensers and microencapsulated pheromone for ecological pest management. Using controlled release technology, pheromone is emitted into the air and shuts down the mating process of targeted damaging insects. Feromate™ products provide season-long and pesticide-free protection for your crops from damaging insects.

- Pesticide-free protection
- Long lasting time up to 7 month
- Easily applied with hand-applied dispensers or microencapsulated formulations
- Safe, environmental-friendly and species-specific
An attract & kill product series including pheromone lures and traps. Lure™ products provide an easy solution for
monitoring and mass trapping of targeted damaging insects. The products work by using controlled release of
insect pheromone to attract pests and lure them into the traps. No insecticides are required to kill the insects.
Attract & kill products are key components of integrated pest management.

- Pesticide-free protection
- Long lasting lures with a release time up to 2 month
- Safe, environmental-friendly and species-specific
Mating Disruption
Attract & Kill
Pheromone Lures & Traps
Pheorbio has over 120 species-specific pheromone-based products, ranging from monitoring to biological pest management, we offer the most ecological tools to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Controling Fruit Fly
Battling fruit flies with semiochemicals, including Bactrocera spp and Ceratitis capitata.