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Pursuing sustainable, economical and ecological solutions, for a greener planet.

Nothing compares to mother nature’s beauty and we strive to preserve it, by providing ecologically sound, sustainable, effective and affordable pest control products based on semiochemicals.


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We are a leading agriculture company specialized in producing state of the art pheromone and semiochemical based products and services. With over 200 pheromone products and the innovative biostimulant: VDAL™, our mission is to support both growers and the planet.


These products serve as key components in various integrated pest management (IPM) strategies that aim to decrease toxicity and increase productivity in a sustainable manner.


Our core business

Pheromone formulations
The pheromone attract & kill and mating disruption formulations we produce are perfect for monitoring, mass trapping or disrupting damaging insects naturally and effectively.

Technical Pheromone
We have a synthesis team dedicated to in-house large-scale pheromone production. With more than a decade of experience, we are confident in both technique and productivity.

VDAL™ Biostimulant
The novel patented protein-based biostimulant can increase yield, improve plant quality and induce resistance for various disease and increase abiotic stress tolerance.


For biological pest management, with very low environmental impact.

Environmental Friendly

Unlike conventional pesticides and fertilizers, our products affect very little to the environment.

Safe & Non-toxic

Pheromone products and VdAL™ are nontoxic and safe for human and non-target animals.

No Residue

Pheromone products hardly have direct contact to the plants, while VDAL™ is protein-based.


20 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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