AIM is an 

Automatic Insect Monitoring Device

that can attract and kill target insects when combined with pheromone lures. AIM is solar-powered and connected to the internet, with three individual infrared sensors for counting each target insect that is attracted and killed.


AIM also has a built-in mini weather station that can monitor temperature, humidity, sunlight index, wind and rainfall. With the data collected, the user can choose to generate big data packages that can allow to deeper understand and evaluate the growing conditions.



Species-specific with pheromone lures & accurate counting.


Built-in mini weather station that monitors weather & temperature.


Upload & download recorded data from the cloud.


Multi-platform control panels including laptops & mobile devices.


Built-in GPS and digital fence for tracking & security.

Manage AIM on personal computers or mobile devices.

More features:

  • Self-diagnose and warning notifications when device fails or damaged;

  • Cloud protocol for over-the-air cloud system updates;

  • 5-7 days independent battery life with no/low sunlight level;

  • Working in extreme temperature conditions from -20°C to 60°C;

  • ​Customizable user control panel and dashboard.

AIM V2.1


​Terms & Conditions
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