Innovative Biostimulant 

In the long-term process of combating pathogens, plants have formed a complex immune system. Once a plant is attacked by an adverse external environment or disease, cells in the plant will form substances related to resistance to the pathogen through various metabolic pathways, then activate the plant's own immune system and reduce the incidence of disease.


VDAL™, derived from Verticillium dahliae, is an ASPF2-like secreted protein with 297 AA
(Verticillium dahliae Asp-f2 Like)


Developed by the Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, China Agricultural University, based on the principles of plant immunology, creators of VdAL have studied the use of immune induction technology to activate the plant's immune system, thereby improving crop disease resistance & abiotic stress tolerance, and becoming a new development direction of green pest control technologies.


University Developed


Induce Plant Resistance

Induce and increase disease (Gray mold, verticillium wilt, powdery mildew etc) resistance.

​Improve Quality

Promote early maturity, change color in advance, improve fruit quality (Vc & sugar content increase).

Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Improve plant adaptability to adversity (drought, high temperature, low temperature and saline-alkali stress).

Increase Yield

Increase yield by Increasing seed setting rate, promote grain filling and dry matter accumulation.


Applicable to most crops, compatible with most pesticides and fertilizer products, and has a synergistic effect.


Can be used as a foliar spraying formulation, or as a seed treatment for seed soaking and coating.



The patented VDAL protein has been tested and proven to be effective on various crops & plants - including horticultural crops, both in laboratory and field.

Rhizopus stolonifer suppression by VDAL



Biocatalysis production: Safe & environmentally friendly.

Low dosage: 15 grams per hectare, 1-2 times per growing season.

Multiple treatments: seed treatment (Coating or soaking), foliar spray application.

Improving germanation