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Pheromone Products

The ecological & sustainable approach for Integrated Pest Management.

Pheorbio has over 120 species-specific pheromone-based products, ranging from monitoring, mass trapping to mating disruption systems for biological pest management in the fields of agriculture, forestry and food storage, we offer ecological tools & services to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Pheromone products are:


Environmental Friendly

Pheromone products affect very little to the environment.


Species Specific

Pheromone products only affect target damaging insects.


Safe & Non-toxic

Pheromone products are safe to human and non-target animals.


Residue & Resistance Free

Pheromone products won't generate residue and insect-resistance.



​Our monitoring products provide a detection system with pheromone traps & lures that can determine pest emergence and population, so that future control methods can be implemented timely and accurately.

Choose from over 120 types of pheromone lures and traps for species-specific pest monitoring.


Mating Disruption

Mating disruption technology protects crops by cutting off the mating process of targeted damaging insects, with ecological and effective insect pheromone emitted from the carriers.

Our mating disruption product line includes OFM, CM, EGVM, PBW and more to come in the future.


Pheromone TGAI

Technical grade pheromone for manufacture use, with high isomer purity and customized synthesis.

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