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Pherobio attends Biostimulants World Congress held in Barcelona with innovative VDAL protein

On November 18-21, 2019, the Biostimulants World Congress hosted by the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) was successfully held in Barcelona, Spain. More than 1,500 experts and representatives from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other countries attended the meeting.

Pherobio was honored to also participate in this global event and exhibited its novel biostimulant product VDAL. Professor Gong from CAU - inventor of the VDAL protein, was invited to give a report at the conference.

The international patented VDAL protein (ZL201510691515.5;ZL201510691295.6;ZL21510003843.1) can induce plants to resist abiotic stress (high temperature, drought, cold, etc.) and promote plant growth development by regulating a variety of hormone signaling pathways in plants, activating PTI and ETI immune responses.


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